Ungracefully [adverb]

Definition of Ungracefully:

with difficulty

Synonyms of Ungracefully:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ungracefully:

Sentence/Example of Ungracefully:

Some of them leaped wildly and ungracefully while clawing behind them.

This time they had to do their worst for it, and were asked to wear it as ungracefully as they could.

She not ungracefully, for an instant, faltered; but since I really would have it——!

Brian yielded not ungracefully: "I owe you an apology, Miss Williams," he said.

And finally, to complete her portrait, she took snuff, and took it ungracefully.

But even this is to be read not ungracefully by a well-graced reader.

The lady rose and walked away—not all ungracefully, I thought.

Wright danced with Sally, not ungracefully for a man who rode a horse as much as he.

"Still at the Friv.," she assented, lighting a cigarette and throwing herself not ungracefully on the sofa.

It was a Stuart trait, and sat not ungracefully upon him; and he now costumed himself with more than ordinary care.