Ungracious [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Ungracious:

This was the ungracious manner in which the sister took note of his lingering.

Whenever she was ill, Lady Coryston's ways were solitary and ungracious.

I made no answer to this ungracious speech, but Alma was all excitement.

In what have I so far offended you that you are so ungracious to me this evening, Iris?

I am sorry to have detained your Lordship with so ungracious a theme.

And with this ungracious speech the conversation closed, and they walked on in silence.

He hated, besides, to do an ungracious thing anywhere, or to any one.

To himself, personally, except in regard to his wife, his brother had not been ungracious.

A senseless, ungracious yearning, indeed, in the face of the plenty that was aboard!

“I owe you something for yesterday,” said he in his ungracious way.