Ungrammatical [adjective]

Definition of Ungrammatical:

not using the correct rules of grammar

Synonyms of Ungrammatical:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ungrammatical:

Sentence/Example of Ungrammatical:

It is curious enough that this sentence of the Bishop is, itself, ungrammatical!

His dress was very plain and poor, his manner was uncultured, his language was ungrammatical.

If I were asked an opinion I would call this an ungrammatical nation.

She knew that he was ungrammatical, but she denied that he was uncouth.

Which was ungrammatical, I admit, but the best I could do under the prevalent conditions.

What if there were imperfect, or ungrammatical sentences in it?

As for us, we mean to be romantic and sentimental and unashamed and ungrammatical.

The Italian spoke it with the soft, ungrammatical fluency of his race.

Blots like the ungrammatical fourth line are not infrequent with him.

"Never no more for mine," he declared, with ungrammatical force.