Ungratified [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Ungratified:

When Henderson came, Margaret's world was full; no desire was ungratified.

My days are full of ungratified longin's, and my nights don't get any better.

Her natural appetite is ruined; her acquired taste is ungratified.

The only ungratified wish I had was that I might be appointed to your ship.

"Well, I might be something worse," remarked Peter, in a not ungratified tone.

If Desire had any ungratified wishes, I never heard of them.

So slight an inclination, ungratified, extended to vast dimensions, and possessed her entire.

Doubtless the secret fire of a consuming, but as yet ungratified, literary ambition also troubled his repose.

Ungratified desire has finally worn itself out and he is free.

Her ungratified imagination brought her early into conflict with the circumstances and surroundings of her life.