Unguarded [adjective]

Definition of Unguarded:

thoughtless; unwary

Opposite/Antonyms of Unguarded:

Sentence/Example of Unguarded:

Come, if you have done it in an unguarded moment there is no help for it!

Clearetus the captain learnt of this place, that it was but a little one and unguarded.

She knew music too, and in an unguarded moment Peter admitted that he had studied.

Yet here in the turret, unguarded by insulation, I could say nothing.

In other words, he bided his time, and when he did strike, struck at an unguarded place.

Had he not unwittingly contributed to her misery by his unguarded conduct?

Why, my dear Pet,” I said in an unguarded moment, “which do you love?

The doorway, close at hand, broken open and unguarded, offered a chance.

The head of the street was unguarded; Morgan rode on and halted at the edge of the square.

She could listen with unguarded eagerness to this Junior because she knew her to be a student.