Unhallowed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unhallowed:

Invoke not the unhallowed spirits of the abyss; invoke the spotless synod of the Gods.

The unhallowed passions of this great criminal had their origin also in the confessional.

Edward hung at the door, wavering; the suggestion had unhallowed charms.

Nevertheless, I am sick again for the unhallowed swine-husks.

Leave me in the living grave my own unhallowed hands have dug.

Their delight is to increase the unhallowed circle of wretches like themselves.

All the phases of unhallowed passion are described in full detail.

The unhallowed apparition shook his head when Adrian had concluded.

An unhallowed fiend had cut off the sequel with scissors and boned it!

If my wrath was unhallowed, it wrought the peaceable fruits of righteousness.