Unhampered [adjective]

Definition of Unhampered:

free and easy; without restraint

Opposite/Antonyms of Unhampered:

Sentence/Example of Unhampered:

So, she fought no more, but left destiny to work its will unhampered by her futile strivings.

We had left the door unbarred so that his entrance was unhampered.

Perry is clearly entitled to his own body, free and unhampered.

It had stretched where it would, ungoverned, unhampered, unarrested.

In both these labors he meant to be strengthened and yet unhampered.

I want you to use your wits in your own way, unhampered, unencumbered.

I must be absolutely free and unhampered, to plan and carry out what I see fit.

He knew Harris was entitled to unhampered command, and that he had hampered.

He had wanted to start this evening of festival all alone and unhampered.

For it was original, taught of Nature, a revelation of naked, unhampered life.