Unharmed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unharmed:

Pennington and Warner both had scratches, but the colonel was unharmed.

At least,' said Clennam, 'you are known to be alive and unharmed.

You have your daughter, safe, unharmed, within the shelter of her lover's arms.

But Frank was unharmed, and the unconscious girl was not touched.

He felt sure that the bullets had reached their mark, yet the beast was unharmed.

His beard had been burnt off, but otherwise he had been unharmed.

Although ill at the time, he had been in the thick of the fight, but was unharmed.

Those who do so will be allowed to return, unharmed, with their animals and carts.

The crew of the vessel was aboard, and, with its independent air-supply, unharmed.

Strange to say, the little Henri, hiding behind the altar, was unharmed.