Unhealthiness [noun]

Definition of Unhealthiness:

weakness, sickness

Synonyms of Unhealthiness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unhealthiness:

Sentence/Example of Unhealthiness:

It will not do to dismiss this as unhealthiness or morbidness of mind.

It is hardly disagreeable, and conveys no sense of unhealthiness.

But the unhealthiness engendered by all this moisture is a thing of the past.

She and all her family had suffered from the unhealthiness of the season.

Up to that time they had believed in the unhealthiness of damp places.

The situation has all the unhealthiness of the fever-patient.

The cause of unhealthiness in most towns in Cyprus is quite local and easily removed.

One historian has suggested that it was owing to the unhealthiness of the old town.

I disliked the fellow for his unhealthiness, and for the hard mockery in his puffy eyes.

You may, if it please you, put it down to the other thing, the unhealthiness.