Unheard [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unheard:

His approach to the house Number 574 had to be swift, direct, unseen, unheard.

Subtler than sound, and felt, unheard, in the depth of the spirit.

They thought only how to profit by a success so unheard of and so unexpected.

It was a magnificent article, attacking the insurgents with unheard of violence.

There were comforting, unheard, easily dismissable murmurings now and again.

Evidently her questions, and their diplomatic prelude, had been unheard and wasted.

They were unheard—at least, no one emerged from the bungalow.

Sanitary restrictions, seemingly so necessary in hot climates, were unheard of.

They pray—and their prayers ascend to heaven, unheard on earth!

"It was unheard of; it was shameful," Miss Haldin pursued, with angry eyes.