Unhesitating [adjective]

Definition of Unhesitating:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unhesitating:


Sentence/Example of Unhesitating:

The responses of bride and groom were unhesitating, even firm.

The one who had made that unhesitating plunge was Rodney Grant.

"Well, I've seen it on him lots of times," came the unhesitating reply.

(in English idiom, 'smoking tobacco') was the unhesitating answer.

"Because you shouldn't take fright and leave him," was the unhesitating reply.

"Oh, I hate Nick Carter, right enough," was the unhesitating reply.

All that he did was forthright, manly, single-purposed, and unhesitating.

The answer was immediate and unhesitating, and you can imagine how much it gratified me.

Those who started with an unhesitating flight number about twenty.

The answer of the Republican Government was frank and unhesitating.