Unhidden [adjective]

Definition of Unhidden:

apparent, seeable

Opposite/Antonyms of Unhidden:

Sentence/Example of Unhidden:

Harry sprang into it, wild with unhidden grief, as one fresh from a death-bed.

Still it was not absolutely dark, for most of the stars were as yet unhidden.

Her wide, soft gray hat was pushed back so that her face was unhidden.

A score of eyes, going to him swiftly, studied him with unhidden curiosity.

What wise little girls, Miss Mackin was glancing around with unhidden admiration.

"Never was such a hell of a good eye, anyhow," he observed, and winked the unhidden eye in testimony of his wit.

The beautiful tree shapes are unhidden, gray stems twining with brown.

His right hand, frank and unhidden, rested upon the butt of the heavy-caliber revolver sagging from his belt.

“I knew I would have good luck when I played the sweet-girl part,” said Tavia, with unhidden delight.

The look he had then from Zoraida was one of utter loathing and at last of unhidden lust for his undoing.