Unhorse [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Unhorse:

If they win, they grab at booty; if they lose, they unhorse and pilfer their own side!

It took, indeed, the vast shock of the Civil War to unhorse the optimists.

"I should like to see the vine that could unhorse me," answered Stacy.

He thought with the shock to unhorse Rire-pour-tout, and finish him then at his leisure.

Death in a huge pair of jack-boots, seizes him by the arm with a view to unhorse him.

And look to it if it be courteous to unhorse a knight, who is ready to be thy servant.

Hastily mounting a fresh horse, Richard again attacked Des Barres, but could not unhorse the knight, who stuck fast to his saddle.

They were especially admired for the firmness with which they kept their saddles, under circumstances enough to unhorse a Centaur.

Chance might unhorse the individual, but with a community the element of chance was eliminated.

Or stay, reader, unhorse me that marble emperor: knock me those marble feet from those marble stirrups of Charlemagne.