Unhurriedly [adverb]

Definition of Unhurriedly:


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Sentence/Example of Unhurriedly:

The Committee Meeting was taken comfortably and unhurriedly in her stride.

Unhurriedly Johnson picked up the papers and removed a rubber binder.

Then in a level voice he told her all, unhurriedly and without any apparent emotion.

Unhurriedly, it was worked closer to Earth until it came within range of giant scanners.

For everywhere men would crack a rustic jest or two, unhurriedly.

Thus the fat man's mind acts as his body acts—evenly, unhurriedly, easefully and comfortably.

He was away from London for three weeks; and in that time he unhurriedly made up his mind to marry her.

He got up, unhurriedly, and again walked to the stable door, looking in at Purgatory.

Unhurriedly, Don walked through the empty corridors, turning at a stairwell.

Mrs. Planter rose, but unhurriedly, and went close to her husband's side.