Unhygienic [adjective]

Definition of Unhygienic:

dirty, unclean

Synonyms of Unhygienic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unhygienic:


Sentence/Example of Unhygienic:

The material cannot be cleaned, and as a collector of dust is most unhygienic.

The time had been when she would at once have denounced the room as overcrowded and unhygienic.

Diphtheria is not directly caused by unhygienic surroundings.

You—you don't think it will be unhygienic for him to sleep with me?

It is not ideal if it is unethical, unhygienic, or unæsthetic.

And Dorothy could well afford it, if one might judge of her fortune from her unhygienic but expensive dresses.

Tears are as little known among the first-class beings of Thule as is the gross and unhygienic kiss.

These unsanitary and unhygienic conditions have dwarfed the tropical dwellers in body and in mind.

Folding beds and lounges even of the best type are unhygienic, usually too low for the patient's comfort, and often insecure.

One morning, for all he knows, it may come from a model dairy farm, and the next from the most unhygienic surroundings imaginable.