Unidentified [adjective]

Definition of Unidentified:


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Sentence/Example of Unidentified:

Only, they had had the forethought to photograph the unidentified.

Dead bodies were common in those hills, and often were unidentified.

It is possible that some of his labours in this direction p. 48remain unidentified.

Unidentified cockroaches are indicated by the word "Cockroaches."

Edmunds fed adults on unidentified flowers in the laboratory.

Near the markers that have been erected are the trenches of unidentified expeditions.

The first three of these are well-known Judan towns; the last is unidentified.

Miss Montague seemed to struggle with some unidentified emotion.

He was dressed with care to play the rôle of an "unidentified man."

Seven unidentified found on prairie, supposed to be from Galveston.