Unifies [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Unifies:

Sociology seeks out the laws and principles that unify all the rest.

And he must unify the approach to both intellect and emotions.

So I fell back upon the empire in my first attempts to unify my life.

And the long wooden veranda that he had invoked did not unify the trinity.

The resources were still there, but there was none to organise and unify them.

A free discussion of these features will tend to unify methods.

The purpose of codes is to unify the wave motion and keep the mind intense.

We Americans have yet to really learn our own antecedents, and sort them, to unify them.

Something to support the finite many, to tie it to, to unify and anchor it.

Equilibrium of intelligence tends to unify and harmonize American interests and to strengthen patriotism.