Uniform [adjective]

Definition of Uniform:


Sentence/Example of Uniform:

The hearth bore a uniform appearance, and did not seem to have been tampered with.

These laws are general and their administration should be uniform and equal.

She was young and strong, and surely a pair of willing hands—that was absurd about the uniform.

He has marched with his fellows to the dept, and got his uniform and arms.

Make it so's he can wear his uniform and a cocked hat and a sword.

The True, are when the Feet are plac'd uniform, and have the Toes turn'd out equally.

A person distinguishable from a civilian by his uniform and from a soldier by his gait.

Barbara, in her Red Gross uniform, is quiet and resourceful.

Yet he paid the tribute of his uniform respect to the Anti-Slavery party.

He drew his watch, put it back, thought on, and smiled at my uniform.