Unimaginable [adjective]

Definition of Unimaginable:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unimaginable:

Sentence/Example of Unimaginable:

In her eyes that were sea-grey there was an unimaginable calm.

All the world about him erupted in unimaginable brilliance; then darkness fell.

But Dan, as Don Juan, is one of the most unimaginable things!

From the column there emerged a shape of unimaginable glory.

Along the streets crowd an unimaginable assortment of people.

The only thing to regret was that Madame Merle had been so—well, so unimaginable.

The situation was no doubt an extraordinary, an unimaginable one, but it had to be met.

I know Katherine pretty well though, and its not unimaginable.

All this is atrocious, but above all unexpected and unimaginable.

He declares any intermediate form to be unimaginable save in a dream.