Unimagined [adjective]

Definition of Unimagined:

incapable of being imagined

Synonyms of Unimagined:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unimagined:


Sentence/Example of Unimagined:

The glooms of the gigantic forest, spreading back to unexplored and unimagined depth, added to the sublimity of the scene.

In the second place it was a storehouse of unimagined treasures.

In like manner, deep-sea sounding may lead to great, as yet unimagined, results.

But this adoration was a secret, guessed at home, perhaps, but unimagined at school.

The lawn stretched before her like water of an unimagined blackness.

It is this nearness of unimagined help that makes the tragedy of desert deaths.

The surprise of disappointment is balanced—there is the surprise of unimagined excellence.

But, with the good hand of God upon him, he escaped the then unimagined peril.

Then his heart fainted with rapture, for he knew the unimagined had become history.

Couldn't she somehow, some yet unimagined how, turn it back to simplicity?