Unimpeachable [adjective]

Definition of Unimpeachable:


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Sentence/Example of Unimpeachable:

All the ladies move in a limited though most unimpeachable circle.

This accident has happened to persons of unimpeachable morality—to gentlemen.

The Master was unimpeachable; His terse, cogent assertions were unanswerable.

These were the unimpeachable witnesses of the pleasures which I have pictured.

She is a woman of unimpeachable loyalty to the Socialist movement.

I trust that my behaviour as a soldier has been unimpeachable.

He was a good orator and of unimpeachable integrity and lofty character.

Still, suffering and dying for a faith is not unimpeachable evidence of its truth.

His general propositions on the function of law are unimpeachable.

They were men of the highest courage and of unimpeachable honor.