Unimposing [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unimposing:

We will enter the churchyard, and look for a moment on the unimposing tablet.

He could imagine how unimposing the King of Beasts might be in nglig.

In the cathedral, the whole ceremony was cold and unimposing.

Spoelmann would almost have passed unrecognized, he was so unimposing.

The unimposing way in which the Axe enters the sea will be remarked at once.

We reached the Maria, an unimposing kind of tub, and climbed aboard.

Indeed, the Galatians are to be commended for receiving the Gospel from a man as unimposing and afflicted all around as Paul was.

Rich as it is in gilding, wrought-iron, marble and paintings, it looks small and unimposing after the great chapel of St Jago.

Mr. Angells pamphlet was a work as unimposing in form as it was daring in expression.

The entrance to the Milan Court was small and unimposing, compared with the entrance to the hotel proper.