Unimpressed [adjective]

Definition of Unimpressed:

unfeeling, uninterested

Opposite/Antonyms of Unimpressed:

Sentence/Example of Unimpressed:

"This is the smoking-room," said Eric, conscientiously firm and unimpressed.

But if I was puzzled and disconcerted, I was not unimpressed.

Nadia studied the foundry for a moment, interested, but unimpressed.

Pinto's words slipped glibly from his tongue, but Phillopolis was unimpressed.

"I expect it was your funny nose that did the trick," said Hamilton unimpressed.

He got up and looked, but seemed unconvinced as well as unimpressed.

Logically, she hated the unimpressed and profane witness of the phenomenon.

Frank made the effort and was unimpressed by the appearance of the Blue Wanderer.

She had not left him unimpressed, but his impression differed from that of his neighbors.

"Anybody could guess after seeing them," sniffed Specs, unimpressed.