Uninflected [adjective]

Definition of Uninflected:

all the same, remaining the same

Opposite/Antonyms of Uninflected:

Sentence/Example of Uninflected:

It was scarcely a question; Cloud's voice was level, uninflected.

The Rubric, therefore, ordered that the Lessons should be said to uninflected song.

It is, as has been previously shown, uninflected in the genitive or possessive case.

She stopped when she saw who it was, and spoke in the dead, uninflected voice of a person in extremity.

All other adjectives are uninflected in the singular: the termination in all cases of the pl.

But in this age of uninflected speech the louder the click of the type-machine the better the style.

In uninflected languages, like English and Chinese, there is nothing but the order of the words to distinguish their functions.

These are properly the only degrees, though the simple, uninflected form is usually called the positive degree.

Again Mrs. Bindle's hard, uninflected words sounded like the accents of destiny.

It is as important to learn the right inflected forms of a word as to learn the uninflected word.