Uninhabitable [adjective]

Definition of Uninhabitable:

unfit to live in

Synonyms of Uninhabitable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Uninhabitable:

Sentence/Example of Uninhabitable:

The continents of the world have become vast, uninhabitable deserts.

My father's hotel in the Champs Elysées is uninhabitable at the moment.

The Indians informed him that all the region below consisted of dismal, endless, uninhabitable swamps.

At last the room was as bare as a desert and almost as uninhabitable.

Uninhabited, uninhabitable, the planet was unsuitable for colonization.

The room where Richard was born is roofless and uninhabitable.

The city was in ruins, two-thirds of its houses were uninhabitable.

Had there been no tide, for sanitary reasons the city would have been uninhabitable.

South of it was uninhabitable on account of the heat, and north of it all was frozen.

Almost all, of which anything survives, are ruinous and uninhabitable.