Uninjured [adjective]

Definition of Uninjured:

undamaged; all in one piece

Synonyms of Uninjured:

Opposite/Antonyms of Uninjured:

Sentence/Example of Uninjured:

Nor was his uninjured hand behind his back hiding something.

Hans was caught; and Gutierrez, within the sack, was found to be uninjured.

The trees were all uninjured; the carpet of velvety moss was undefiled by blood.

Philip had only to get into the uninjured carriage and order the driver to return.

Marion was uninjured, but badly frightened; and her humiliation was complete.

Shad blinked his uninjured eye and rose, feeling at his hip.

The slaughter among the officers was frightful, yet the leaders were uninjured.

News from the Michigan peach belt is that the fruits are uninjured.

He put his uninjured arm about her slender waist and lifted her to her feet.

The wind had been knocked out of him, but otherwise he was uninjured.