Unintelligently [adverb]

Definition of Unintelligently:


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Sentence/Example of Unintelligently:

What Paris says, she will do, blindly and unintelligently if you will, but she will do it.

If it do so, it is because it is unintelligently carried on.

It will reveal to you unused or unintelligently used mental forces vastly greater than those now at your command.

"Yes, that was something like it," mechanically and unintelligently letting his eye fall now on his purchases.

Too much of either, unintelligently applied, produces the same unfortunate result.

If unintelligently relied upon, they may even foster indifference and lazy mental habits.

The drunken man roused himself with a start and stared blearily, unintelligently into the other's face.

A Christian neophyte may believe every word of his Creed, and believe neither ignorantly nor unintelligently.

Again Unorna laughed, and he joined in her laughter, unintelligently, as he had done before.

They seem to strike blindly, unintelligently, without any coherent theory or plan.