Unintended [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unintended:

She turned to say good-night to Cécile but spoiled her kiss with an unintended laugh.

Do not think of one falsity as harmless, and another as slight, and another as unintended.

Which speech had the unintended effect of making Saurin more exasperated than ever.

The youthful group was much diverted with this unintended exhibition.

The officer of the guard at the palace was not clear as to what he was to do with his unintended catch.

For the most part, this continuous alteration has been unconscious and unintended.

It was mere persiflage, but it was a jest which made an unintended wound.

They are said to be due to the undirected and unintended operation of physical laws.

One of his best appreciated favors was unintended and indirect.

The writer may himself alternate in their use, and the reader may take the word in the unintended meaning.