Uninventive [adjective]

Definition of Uninventive:


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Sentence/Example of Uninventive:

If so, God must have had a curious taste and an uninventive mind.

Behold the end, O most uninventive and slow-witted Chang-ch'un!

No indolent, unaspiring, uninventive, docile people could survive in the Rockies.

Slavery had cursed the South with ignorant, unskilled, uninventive labor.

By inventing methods and devising schemes and improvising plans that an uninventive man would not have thought of.

O thou valid substance of Metals, how great is thy power, how uninventive is thy virtue, how durable is thy constancy?

If he thought, he would instantly go wrong; it is only the clumsy and uninventive artist who thinks.

It is dilatory because it has no sense of coming things, it is uninventive and wasteful, it does not create, it takes advantage.

The Bambute are very musical, though they are uninventive as regards instruments.