Uniquely [adverb]

Definition of Uniquely:

barely; exclusively

Synonyms of Uniquely:

Opposite/Antonyms of Uniquely:

Sentence/Example of Uniquely:

Lampsacus worshipped a very great god and worshipped him uniquely.

While caring is not unique to nursing, it is uniquely expressed in nursing.

Well he understood her regret for that uniquely sharp speech of hers.

On another, "To the unique, from one who admires him uniquely."

The loss was like that of an only and uniquely beloved child.

About the earth, and uniquely for its benefit, sun, moon and stars paraded.

Either they have been very uneasy people or he has been uniquely antagonistic.

Emanations of his personality rise from the pages like perfume, compelling the sympathy and understanding he needed so uniquely.

If Lady Calmady had lighted upon the right, the uniquely right, woman—perhaps—yes.

Whoever can rightly name every warbler, male and female, on sight is uniquely accomplished.