Unisexual [adjective]

Definition of Unisexual:

having male and female traits

Synonyms of Unisexual:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unisexual:


Sentence/Example of Unisexual:

The unisexual (male and female) flowers, may be on the same or on different plants.

Naiadace—Aquatic herbs with inconspicuous, unisexual or bisexual flowers.

But exactly the same might be said of any other tribe of unisexual animals.

Unisexual, with staminate and pistillate flowers on different individuals.

Unisexual, with staminate and pistillate flowers on the same individual.

Unisexual, with the two kinds of flowers on separate plants.

Polygamous, having some perfect and some unisexual flowers, 85.

The flowers, which are often unisexual, are wind-pollinated.

Spikes of unisexual flowers, such as are common among our forest trees, are called catkins.

Many plants produce only unisexual (and therefore imperfect) flowers, which contain either no stamens or no pistil.