Universality [noun]

Definition of Universality:

recognition, celebrity

Synonyms of Universality:

Opposite/Antonyms of Universality:

Sentence/Example of Universality:

It is the distinctiveness, not the universality of the truth, which renders it important.

True knowledge is a whole, and is at rest; consistency and universality are the tests of truth.

We hide this universality if we can, but it appears at all points.

Let into it the new and renewing principle of love, and property will be universality.

Does not the universality of the law imply a universal cause?

A sentiment asserts its claim by its force, persistence and universality.

The arts owe much to Popery, and Popery owes much of its universality to the arts.

The greatness of a poet lies in the universality of his sympathies.

This accounts for the universality of the name and the sacredness of its associations.

He dismissed with contempt the accepted test of universality.