Universalizing [verb]

Definition of Universalizing:

make universal

Synonyms of Universalizing:

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Sentence/Example of Universalizing:

To universalize a conception is one thing, to suppress it is another.

Our critics seem on the other hand, to wish to universalize the retrospective type of instance.

Ethics has exhibited from the beginning a tendency to universalize its conceptions and take the central place in metaphysics.

Notice that the fanatic or crowd-man always strives to universalize his own moral dilemmas.

It is the function of credit to universalize the characteristic of money, high saleability.

Credit thus tends to universalize that characteristic which Menger considers the unique characteristic of money.

Philo's answer is in fact to spiritualize everything that is material, and universalize everything that is particular.

The question which Berkeley really asks is—How do we universalize our ideas of sight?