Unjustified [adjective]

Definition of Unjustified:

not justified

Synonyms of Unjustified:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unjustified:

Sentence/Example of Unjustified:

Both of these assumptions have since been shown to be unjustified.

And this hope, indeed, as he learned the next moment, was not unjustified.

The music-hall and theatre and unjustified fiction will have had their day.

And, if you are unjustified, the wrath of God abideth upon you.

It is plain that the campaign of the ministers is unjustified.

He felt it unjustified, inconsistent and a reproach was on his lips.

Henry knew, certainly; and he had no doubt the "everybody" was not unjustified.

Ross's irritation, unjustified as he knew it to be, did not rest on Tino-rau or Taua.

His tone indicated a pride of accomplishment not, he hoped, unjustified.

But as soon as doubt, justified or unjustified, occurs, the question takes quite a different form.