Unkindly [adverb]

Definition of Unkindly:

cruelly, without remorse

Opposite/Antonyms of Unkindly:

Sentence/Example of Unkindly:

It was a look deliberate and scrutinizing, in a sense doubtful, and yet not unkindly.

His grandfather regarded him with a steady, but not at all unkindly, gaze.

"Perhaps you are right," assented von Liebknecht, not unkindly.

Have I ever treated any boy or girl in this school unjustly or unkindly?

"Don't ask me to be the audience a second time," Lady Stafford says, unkindly.

"You must tell that young woman to move on," he said to Dicky, not unkindly.

The old labourer could not say that her husband treated her kindly or unkindly.

And she beshrewed herself for so unkindly judging of his unkindness.

"That's not much worse than your snoring," replied Steve unkindly.

He hesitated a moment, then he lifted her to her feet decidedly, but not unkindly.