Unknowing [adjective]

Definition of Unknowing:


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Sentence/Example of Unknowing:

I hadn't returned it, after all; had been gripping it all the time, unknowing.

"Nowhere on earth, Esther," replied David, unknowing why he said so.

They were unknowing in the art of disguising their feelings.

It was as though all unknowing I had heard a whisper or seen something.

But for thee I should have passed away, unknowing the glory of manhood.

But, knowing or unknowing, he repeated his cry, and was answered.

Unknowing that he had read her thought, she found her voice and whispered: "Yes!"

The unknowing ones and Gosse murmur, and cry on their man to let out.

It was an act that does not bear the close scrutiny of the unknowing mob.

This was what I had fled from, unknowing the source of my panic, the night before.