Unknowingly [adverb]

Definition of Unknowingly:

without warning; suddenly

Synonyms of Unknowingly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unknowingly:

Sentence/Example of Unknowingly:

She did her best, all unknowingly, bless her, to kill the last vestige of manhood in me.

I did it unknowingly, by this man's contrivance; but not in any fear of him.

Unknowingly, mind you, for therein existed much of the secret of my power.

It was not inconceivable that she should have unknowingly fallen in love with an android.

Unknowingly, he had ceased to be a man and had become a ferret.

At this period, unknowingly, he resisted his mother's influence.

Unknowingly he plucked the young buds from the rose-tree by the bench—and crushed them.

Could it be possible that I had unknowingly deceived her,—that our marriage was not legal?

By dint of incessantly speaking of the necessity we granted it unknowingly.

I did it unknowingly, impelled by the fear that you might be a stranger; for here is my story.