Unlaced [verb]

Definition of Unlaced:

set free; unbind

Opposite/Antonyms of Unlaced:

Sentence/Example of Unlaced:

And then what pleasure they take to see a buck or the like unlaced?

With feeble hands he unlaced his helmet and tended to himself as best he might.

They unlaced her, and even uncombed her hair, and washed her with water and with wine.

It took me all my time to get it unlaced and to draw out my foot.

Then Sir Lancelot unlaced his helmet and eased him as well as he could till he died.

Sir Hugh unlaced his helmet, for the day had been still and hot.

She had unlaced her hand from his, and had turned in her seat to face him with her decision.

When I got home, 'fore ever I lit my candle, I'd unlaced 'n and fetched 'n off.

Then he hurled him to the ground, and unlaced his helm to slay him.

He stooped down and unlaced his boots, while the others watched him.