Unladylike [adjective]

Definition of Unladylike:

lacking the behavior or style considered appropriate for a lady

Synonyms of Unladylike:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unladylike:

Sentence/Example of Unladylike:

With which unladylike remark she dismissed him from her mind as a possible ally.

Mrs. Erveng won't let me play with Hilliard, I'm sure she won't, 'that's so unladylike!'

In the very height of their emotion they knew it to be unmanly or unladylike.

But he did not know that she indulged in that unladylike trick only after dark.

Ladies should not use unfair or unladylike means to sell their wares.

And you know, Mark, it was so unladylike, her getting up in that way.

I exclaimed, shocked at this strange and unladylike upheaval.

Her aunt glared at her angrily, and emitted a most unladylike snort of contempt.

She wont be quite so daring and so unladylike if Nancy is by.

They said it was 'unladylike' and a lot more things, for me to write to him at all.