Unlatches [verb]

Definition of Unlatches:

set free; unbind

Opposite/Antonyms of Unlatches:

Sentence/Example of Unlatches:

He couldn't feel what he was doing, but somehow he managed to unlatch it.

When Jason lifted his arm to unlatch the door it was heavy as two arms.

And lo, here is a woman stooping to unlatch the gate—it is she!

I unlatch the little door in front of me and crawl through it, and shut it behind me.

In vain I argued, that a ghost would have no need to unlatch the gate.

Marie rose to unlatch the front door for George and returned.

A moment sufficed to unlatch it, and swinging it back, he crawled in on all-fours, closing it after him with the greatest caution.

Silently we unlatch the door, letting the drift fall in, and step abroad to face the cutting air.

With a tremendous effort he went quickly up the remaining steps, stood on tiptoe to unlatch the door, and pushed it open.

Feigning that a shoe hurts her, she makes the ridiculous Alcindoro unlatch and remove it, and trot off with it to the cobbler's.