Unlawfully [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Unlawfully:

Rhetoric is a good thing, but, like all good things, may be unlawfully used.

And because he had not obtained them from a jeweller, did it follow that he had taken them unlawfully?

Kinmont Willie was a ruffian, but he had been unlawfully seized.

Think not that it is unlawful to obey in every thing which is unlawfully commanded.

Needing at times to use violence lawfully, he then began to use it unlawfully.

And there the King saw written, "An unlawfully married man."

My husband is unlawfully in prison, and you are bound to discharge him.'

They declined beer, or meat which had been unlawfully killed.

The foreigner vociferously claimed her; uttering execrations against all who unlawfully withheld her; or would abet her elopement.

I shall take out a summons against you for unlawfully ill-treating and abusing my gander, sir!'