Unleashed [verb]

Definition of Unleashed:

let loose

Synonyms of Unleashed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unleashed:




Sentence/Example of Unleashed:

The box had not yet unleashed its disintegrating bolt of blue.

She had left the inheritance of her unleashed energy, in some form, behind her.

My heart leaped like an unleashed foxhound taking the trail.

This done, the amateur talent is unleashed, and the grim work begins.

She stepped closer to the outlaw, and spoke with unleashed hate.

I heard the sound of the horns, and the bay of the hounds as they were unleashed for the chase.

All the pent-up emotions of the past few days were unleashed.

Once unleashed, these forces may or may not destroy all that you have gained.

To have unleashed it all at once would have made him too eager, would have weakened him.

All the ferocity of him, all the unleashed wish to rend and kill, was blazing in his soul.