Unlikely [adjective]

Definition of Unlikely:

not probable

Synonyms of Unlikely:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unlikely:

Sentence/Example of Unlikely:

The arrangements your father has made is one of provision against the unlikely.

Such a proceeding was not unlikely; it was not, however, the one she adopted.

Diligent enquiry there, in likely and unlikely places, proved fruitless.

At this time he is not unlikely to eat our sprouting lettuce and peas.

Of course there was a chance that he might encounter the latter, but he thought it unlikely.

Indeed, but for these factors it is unlikely that the affair could ever have taken place at all.

It is unlikely that two lawyers will be in hiding at the same time in the same district.

Still, here and there the green was pushing its way up in unlikely places.

If the separators are in good condition, a short circuit is unlikely to occur.

And it is not unlikely that some of their toys had amused the youth of their grandfather.