Unloaded [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unloaded:

As soon as we unloaded, it commenced to rain, and kept on steadily till midnight.

When I thought I had the unloaded one I called on you to fire.

He'd taken my gun and Ben Cameron's and unloaded them and carried all the ammunition about him.

Miko's ore-carts and mining apparatus were unloaded on the rocks.

Ollie next dropped the tray she had just unloaded on the table.

When the wagon had been unloaded, the two men began the installation of the pump.

As a consequence the teamsters had often to wait two, three hours to be unloaded.

They arrived late in the afternoon, and the carts were at once unloaded.

He himself took the Bible and then they rowed to the shore, and unloaded the boat.

It has also to be unloaded in a temperature of ninety to one hundred degrees.