Unlocking [verb]

Definition of Unlocking:

open; solve

Synonyms of Unlocking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unlocking:

Sentence/Example of Unlocking:

One thing is plain, you must either go to them, or unlock the cellar-door.

"And that bear of a Ketch won't hurry himself to unlock them," soliloquized he.

It was the dark chamber of her heart which God only could unlock.

When you have felled him, get it and unlock the door; then whistle for me.

He soon heard her unlock the door, and in a moment he ran into her arms.

I heard her unlock her bedroom door before she entered—an odd thing to do.

I never can get in when I want to, but Neal can get in, and he'll unlock it for you.

You had better see if you have a key that will unlock his trunk.

He still had a house and could unlock its door without its meaning anything.

Any article or relic may serve as a key to unlock the chamber of this hidden camera.