Unloosed [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Unloosed:

After the captain left him, he struggled hard to unloose the cords which bound him.

I have a large, hundred-ounce poke of dust, and I unloose the thong.

Shirley would untie the knots or cut the rope or get someone to unloose her.

Some of them had it tied up behind like women, and now proceeded to unloose it.

I made a feeble attempt to unloose her hands and draw myself up.

So I contrived to unloose my braces and with them tied up the snake's mouth.

"Now, haul the Edith alongside," said the skipper, as he proceeded to unloose the sails.

Let the men go to their quarters, unloose the guns and load with grape.

Then he bound her with the catgut, so that she was not able by any means to unloose herself.

A lover lies at thy feet, to unloose the bonds of wickedness.