Unloosen [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Unloosen:

He looks a drunken dog, so a glass of wine may unloosen his tongue.'

Well, then, why don't you unloosen it more'n you got it unloosened?

"It feels like a piece of armor, so I unloosen it as soon as I can," she answered.

When Mr. Choi fell off the stool the bands on his arms were loosened and they proceeded to unloosen and rewind his arms.

She clung desperately to Madge and would not unloosen her fat arms from about the girl's neck.

He begged of me to unloosen his bandage, and hasten his death, as the last act of friendship I could show him: but, alas!

Once or twice he tried to unloosen some remarks; but Sis and Dicky was both talkin' to once and he never got a show.

They could also take off their accoutrements and unloosen their clothes at night and so get a little better rest.

At that instant he saw Hope's eyes upon his, he saw her hand go to the poke bonnet, as it were to unloosen the strings.

The sub-lieutenant was called out of the conning tower, and Alfred directed to unloosen the cords.