Unloved [adjective]

Definition of Unloved:

not loved

Synonyms of Unloved:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unloved:

Sentence/Example of Unloved:

His love, come so quickly, so suddenly, to her had leavened the memory of her unloved years.

Unloved, uncared for, my early years presented but few pleasures.

She lavished all the pent-up affection of an unloved existence on her husband.

The child, unloved and uncared for by its selfish parents, had no bed in the house.

Grievous indeed must be the fate of the lover who is unloved.

Rosemary's eyes filled at the thought of Aunt Matilda, unloved and unsought.

She only of all the plantation was unloved—forgotten—in this hour of danger.

I cannot send Leigh out of my house to be neglected and unloved.

"No—that's the worst of it; they're unloved letters," Mrs. Touchett retorted.

Was it because she was at last beginning to realise that she was unloved?