Unlovely [adjective]

Definition of Unlovely:


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Sentence/Example of Unlovely:

The God of truth cannot love the unlovely in the same way as he loves the lovely.

How hard is the doing of the thought in the face of a thousand unlovely difficulties!

Never before had the life into which she was born looked so unlovely to her.

It was an unlovely face, but its unloveliness lay in its expression.

She speaks bitterly, and turns from him with an unlovely laugh.

What did it matter if the case was unlovely since it held her?

Must I bear the awful burden of authority, that unlovely appendage to youth?

When you are beautiful, you adorn my street; when you are unlovely, I—pass you by.

It seemed to her to typify all that was unlovely in her life.

In both cases he is unlovely, but in the bull-ring he has something magnificent about him.