Unloving [adjective]

Definition of Unloving:


Synonyms of Unloving:

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Sentence/Example of Unloving:

A blessing on them as they go, softening our hard, unloving hearts!

I suggest that the beam in our eye is simply our unloving reaction to the other man's mote.

It is dreadful to look forward to a cold, unloving existence.

Here it is the work of your own hearts, of your loving or unloving thoughts.

It is the first caress her unloving husband has ever offered her.

You would be more to be pitied as an unloved or unloving wife, than she.

It was a bitter pride that was pushing her into this unloving marriage.

How hard, how selfish, how unloving she had been towards him.

My lot in life must be like my aunt's now, unloving and unloved.

But all was spoiled by the presence of an unloved and unloving wife.